Our new album Hardly Alone is out now!


Hardly Alone is our first album recorded with our good friend and most recent addition to the band, Jon Rath, who adds some creative synth & keyboard sounds to round out our otherwise guitar-heavy sound. The songs on Hardly Alone were written and polished on our tours in 2017 & 2018, and recorded by Johnny Goss, who has engineered records for La Luz, the Fall of Troy, and Lonesome Shack. We had a great time working with Johnny because he used his creative energy and enthusiasm for our music to make these songs sound their best.

The music on the record is sonically and emotionally diverse, to reflect the events in our relationships and day-to-day lives that we choose to make music about. Our lyrics can be uplifting and grateful for one song, reflective and introspective for the next, and we strive to write music that accurately represents those feelings. One of our greatest assets is our dedication to collaboration; through the voices of two (or three, B4 I Change) songwriters, and the trust and openness we have with each other as bandmates and musicians, everyone in the group can communicate their intentions and share their compositional ideas to create impactful and deliberate music.


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